Saturday, August 8, 2009

Weed Eater 12 Amp 215 MPH Electric Blower/Vac #EBV215

The Weed Eater 12-Amp electric blower/vacuum is ideal for cleaning up after mowing, or cleaning out the garage. Using the included vacuum kit you can also use the weed eater to pick up leaves and debris around the yard. This powerful, two-speed, electric blower produces up to 215 mph air velocity, while delivering 360 cfm air volume. The 16:1 mulching reduction reduces yard debris from 16 bags down to one.
Customer Review: Decent machine but loud,cumbersome
I bought this from Lowe's after reading the good reviews in Consumer Reports. I've had it for about two or three years and after only a few uses, the zipper on the vacuum bag broke. Zipper is very cheaply made. Converting the machine from a blower to a vac and vice versa is more difficult than it should be. It's loud, but they all are. If you use anything thicker than a 14 gauge power cord, you cannot utilize the cord holder on the machine and the cord will fall off the plug after a short time of use and the machine will of course cut off. So... you'll have to hold the cord and the machine with one hand. This is a pain in the a$$! It does blow/suck hard enough to move leaves like it supposed to and I guess if you are careful enough with the zipper and don't mind the aggravating conversion and power cord issue, then it's ok, at best. Once again, Consumer Reports missed the mark by highly recommending this. It's an average to below average product.
Customer Review: Don't buy this
I bought this item and immediately after the warranty expired, 2 years, the plastic developed two holes in the side of the plastic housing. The holes allow debris to exit and this debris can injur someone that is NOT wearing gloves. The unit was sucking up leaves when this ocurred. Sincerely

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